Ion Implantation

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Epitaxy & Ion Implantation

II-VI offers wafer foundry services including epitaxial growth and ion implantation, as well as ion implantation disk refurbishing and application of protective coatings.

As a foundry service provider to hundreds of customers, we understand the criticality of protecting your confidential information and intellectual property. You can rest assured of our ongoing commitment to preserve and protect your information within our independent operations.

Our quality policy is “fully satisfying customers and continually improving,” which means that we set unwavering standards for high quality, fast turn times, and outstanding service, while seeking cost-effective solutions that meet your specific needs.

Epitaxy Technology

II-VI is a global leader and foundry for the production of high-performance III-V materials on wafers ranging in diameter from 2-inch to 6-inch for key photonic and RF semiconductor components. We develop, design, and manufacture advanced compound semiconductor epitaxial wafers for use in optical components, 3D sensors, wireless devices, datacenters, and high-speed communication networks. Our technology improves efficiency, expands bandwidth, and increases reliability. Our major III-V epitaxial wafer products include:

  • InGaAs Photodetector Wafers
  • InGaP/GaAs HBT Wafers
  • InP HBT Wafers
  • AlGaAs/GaAs Edge-Emitter Wafers

Implant Process Capability and Specialty R&D

II-VI is a leading global provider of foundry ion implantation support and service to the microelectronics industry. We have unique capabilities in high-energy and compound material implanting. We maintain a large complement of high- and medium-current production implanters handling 2-inch to 12-inch substrates. We process tens of thousands of wafers per week and add tools and capacity as required to support our customers’ changing needs. We keep capacity available for urgent spikes in demand, and offer same-day turnaround. With our world-class technical expertise, rigorous quality program, and broad range of tooling, we offer a powerful and flexible outsource option serving production manufacturing and R&D environments in need of ion implantation.

3DSiC®: A Unique SiC Material Technology

II-VI has developed a unique material technology (3DSiC®) that makes it possible to fully use the potential of silicon carbide (SiC) to handle very high power with minimal losses, while maintaining the reliability on the same level as for silicon devices. A buried doped grid sustains high voltage and reduces the electric field at the sensitive surface of the device. Our SiC production capabilities include:

  • Thick epilayers with or without buffer; low-doped layers up to 250 µm
  • Multilayer structures with various doping levels, including p-n junctions
  • Embedded/buried structures and contact layers

Disk Refurbishment Process

II-VI has the full capability to repair, refurbish, and remanufacture any disk or heat sink. This includes all makes and models of batch-processing ion implanters produced since the late 1970s to today. II-VI is one of the very few providers of refurbishment services to support such a broad range of implanter models and designs. We help integrated device manufacturers extend the life of implanting equipment, continuously lowering their cost of ownership. Recognizing that the disk itself is an integral part of the ion implantation process, II-VI’s refurbishment service includes qualification, installation, process testing, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events, and end-of-life determination.